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Gemstar TV Lamp Replacement
     Did your TV stop working and you are not sure if it is the lamp?  Did you install a new lamp and your TV is not working properly?  View our troubleshooting/repair guide to help you identify the problem.  Just click on button above to begin the guide.  We hope you will find this helpful.

Don't forget to purchase your factory original Gemstar replacment TV lamps at that includes free shipping and a 1 year warranty!

     Written instructions of the lamp installation are for provided below showing how to replace the lamp in the Gemstar TV lamp housings. 

1)         Please use the included latex-free glove when handling the lamp.  Failure to use the glove during handling may reduce the life of the lamp.  The TV must be unplugged from the outlet before removal of the lamp.  It must stay unplugged until you are completely finished.  Use your TV’s user manual to help you find and access your lamp housing.  If you do not have the TV user manual, you can download and/or view it on the TV manufacturer’s website.


2)         If the lamp is not already accessible in the housing, remove any screws to split the housing to reveal the lamp.  Note how the lamp is mounted to the housing and remove the required screws to free the lamp.  After lamp removal, seat the new lamp into the position and secure it in the manner as the old one with the removed screws.


3)         Install the leads on the new lamp by screwing the nut and washer in place to secure the first lead on the top of the lamp.  The post on the top of the lamp is very fragile.  DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN AND USE CARE OR DAMAGE MAY OCCUR.  Companies will not warranty installation damage.  The second lead will screw in place on the metal tab on the side of the lamp.  IMPORTANT:  Please secure the metal tab on the lamp with your fingers while installing the screw because excessive force may break the lamp.   Damage to the lamp through installation will void your warranty.  Reassemble the housing back together with the previously removed screws if necessary.  


4)         After reinstalling your lamp into the TV, completely reassemble the TV.  All lamp doors or anything else removed to remove the lamp from the TV must be replaced before plugging the TV back in and turning on.  Failure to do so will not allow the TV to turn on properly.  Please reference your TV’s user manual to reset the lamp timer.

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