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2100MP Lamp Replacement


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     Detailed written instructions of the lamp installation are for provided below showing how to replace the lamp in the 2100MP housing. 

1)     There are two screws above the lamp to remove that will allow the top metal cover over the lamp to come free.  There is one black screw next to the bottom of the lamp to remove that will allow the other piece of metal cover to come free.  There is a tab to push back on the lamp connector to free it from the housing.

2)     Turn both screw posts at the top corners of the lamp counter clock wise.  There is a metal tab with a screw in the lower right corner of the lamp to remove.  Now remove the old lamp and replace with the new one.  Reinstall the two screw posts and the metal tab/screw just removed to secure the new lamp in place.  Seat the new lamp connector in place.  Reinstall the metal cover on the right side of the lamp with the previously used black screw.  Reinstall the top metal cover and secure with the two previously used screws.

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